10 February 2016 / Last updated: 27 Jan 2017

Good, Better, Beast - #6

Execution time:

A quick update


Since the last entry, we’ve been engrossed in the fine details of the BeastTile design. Mostly questions of usability. We've also been talking to a customer who’s keen to use the BeastTile as a demonstration platform for their IoT product suite. Introducing the OctoTower, an 8-sided column constructed with BeastTiles and a few custom-designed structural and cosmetic components. The OctoTower might just be the first official BeastTile structure that we build.
A feature of the BeastTile is that the design of the faceplate is intended to be application-specific. This is demonstrated in the image above, where we’re thinking of using brushed aluminium panels that butt closely together to give the OctoTower a sleaker aesthetic.

“hello world”

On the practical side, as promised, we finished assembling the first BeastTile prototype; power and network hubs included.

In these pictures, she’s running off a lithium ion battery pack, which was pretty exciting to see in the flesh. Compact and self-sufficient, it demonstrates the true modularity of the BeastTile. 12V DC and Ethernet in and the rest is handled internally. In theory, the battery pack could even be integral to the tile (instead of the network switch, or fastened to the back panel).
That’s all for now.
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