06 May 2020 / Last updated: 06 May 2020

balena monthly roundup - May 2020

Hey there, everyone! In case you missed it, we launched Fold for Covid-- an easy way to contribute your spare computing power (PCs, laptops, single-board devices) to Rosetta@home and support vital COVID-19 research. Check it out and #jointhefold!
For the tinkerers out there, we launched an LED Alerter project to help prevent office intrusions or interruptions during remote work. We added a few new IoT Happy Hour episodes and read on to see Community member highlights from folks who have launched Fold for Covid.
Most importantly, take care and stay safe and we’ll see you in the next one.

News from balenaHQ

Help scientists identify treatments for COVID-19 from home

Join foldforcovid.io in minutes and let your spare computers and IoT devices join the effort to analyze and tackle the virus.
Why is this so important?
The more computing power available, the faster protein folding simulations can be run by researchers, and the sooner a potential COVID-19 treatment can be found. In just a few simple steps, you can add your devices and play your part in the fight against this global pandemic.

IoT Happy Hour: Take a closer look at the balenaFin

The Hardware Hackers and Community brought the tough questions to our balenaFin team about the custom single-board unit.

Join us for our weekly IoT Happy Hour

Team balena now hosts Friday IoT Happy Hours. Talk shop, meet folks, and check out interesting projects all from our YouTube stream.

The latest from our blog

Learn how balena enables more devices to join Rosetta@home to fight COVID-19

Check out what went on behind the scenes that led to the build and launch of Fold for Covid. You can also watch the launch episode of the related IoT Happy Hour episode for more info.

Let people know your availability with this LED Alerter project

Having people trample into your office during a busy time or video call can be disruptive. For the hardware hackers out there, here’s a LED Alerter project to create a nifty notifier for others.

Get friends and family on the big screen with this video call project

Catching up with friends and family virtually can be tricky with folks who need extra IT help. Use this project to set up hassle-free video calling for their TV.

Charlie’s Tips N Tricks

Change device configuration on-the-go with this tip

Did you know that balenaCloud allows you to add or edit config.txt options remotely? Take the option you want to add (e.g. hdmi_force_hotplug), add the prefix RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_, and create an entry in the Device Configuration (for a single device) or Fleet Configuration (for all the devices in an application) section of your balenaCloud dashboard.
Set these values quickly, without manually editing config files, and on any device wherever it is in the world!

Projects of the month

Let’s highlight some of the amazing community members who #jointhefold and help researchers find a treatment for COVID-19.
Here’s a great example of taking #jointhefold to the next level-- @domincangelini shares this miniature Pi4 server rack.
Fun project! Now have 3 of the pi4s in this rack helping out. pic.twitter.com/UDMHCNoUIj
— Dominic Angelini (@DominicAngelini) April 24, 2020
Helping the fight is definitely a #mood (h/t @bkamber).
@RosettaAtHome 💻 @balena_io 🐳 @RpiTR @Raspberry_Pi 🍇#proteinfolding💊 #foldforcovid 💉 using my test devices (3 pc+2 rpi3+3 android smartphone) to help scientists fight #COVID19 https://t.co/YHcYFKAH5z you can join now 💪@deeplearningtr @TurkishAIHub @turkiyeai @yapayzeka_ai pic.twitter.com/I7hj6TGsls
— Bilgehan KAMBER 💻 (@bkamber) April 27, 2020
We’re glad to have folks from all around the world #jointhefold, even Sri Lanka (h/t @pradeeka7)!
I just connected my RPi pic.twitter.com/jjGlZRamxW
— Pradeeka Seneviratne (@pradeeka7) April 25, 2020
This project empowers everyone to join the fight-- every spare device people can spare helps the cause. Thanks, @Harrison__DW!
I’m fighting #coronavirus using one of my old laptop. It's exciting being able to help in such a positive way, visit https://t.co/0Msx76YHp3 to set up your own and join the fight! #foldforcovid @RosettaAtHome @balena_io https://t.co/MC26a7pbeK pic.twitter.com/D1Wb8562JQ
— Harrison Washington (@Harrison__DW) April 29, 2020

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