30 January 2017 / Last updated: 20 Nov 2018

Smart Plants Case Study

Smart Plants is enabling remote and autonomous management of critical industrial infrastructure. The company has launched its full-stack, cloud-based ClevAir service to provide remote monitoring, analytics, and optimization for ventilation systems in large industrial buildings, and has plans to expand into other industrial verticals.
Smart Plants first came across balena whilst searching for a device management and update solution. “It was easy to set up a trial account and quick to connect the first few devices,” says Jon Rasmussen, CTO. “Resin was a really good fit with our software delivery pipeline, and provided us with the level of device control we were looking for.” The team also loved the intuitive Git plus Docker workflow.
Now Smart Plants is using balena to manage their fleet of compatible hardware and configure the devices with application-specific attributes. They’ve also set up a CI/CD pipeline for seamless application deployments. “The Resin flow fits directly into our process,” says Jon.
Instead of having to build a custom solution for mission-critical device management and deployment tasks, the Smart Plants team was able to get up and running on balena straight away. “Resin reduces our time to market and allows us to remotely manage devices installed at the client’s locations,” says Jon. “It allows us to scale our solution and still have control of our devices.”
“It allows us to scale our solution and still have control of our devices.”
As Smart Plants expands, Jon plans to further integrate balena functionality into their applications. “Resin has proven to be a valuable tool for our use case, and we will continue to use it as we scale up our solution.”
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by Alison DavisCOO at balena

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