12 October 2018 / Last updated: 20 Nov 2018

S O NAH: Pioneering smart city tech with

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S O NAH are pioneering at the forefront of smart city technologies, and are using balena in their work to solve common city problems such as parking, restricted-area detection and traffic analysis (counting and classification).
Their first product, S O NAH Parking, is designed to detect empty parking spaces and guide users to their location. S O NAH has developed their own hardware, centred around a self-engineered optical sensor; this sensor functions by analysing captured images and sending the resultant metadata to their cloud. By merging the sensor data with open data, S O NAH can deliver a machine learning based prediction model to help solve the parking problem of the city.
S O NAH's sensor technology can be retrofit to existing hardware but also embedded within new hardware.

S O NAH first discovered balena via the German IoT podcast Allesnetz. As the company was in the midst of rebuilding their internal infrastructure, and under time pressures from their customers, balena seemed like a perfect fit.
“After 3 weeks our firmware was migrated over to balena and we immediately started seeing huge benefits and are busy replacing our old systems with balena based ones” -- Moritz Mierisch, BD, S O NAH
Now, balena is part of S O NAH’s everyday workflow. From the development phase, the simplification and performance of the balena build-process has brought huge benefits to S O NAH. The toolset to troubleshoot devices remotely and the ability to roll out new software builds to their device fleets are just two of the primary benefits that the implementation of balena has brought to the company.
Furthermore, from the installation stage, balena allows for non-technical users to be able to deploy their systems on site, and for batches of different devices with differing configurations to be remotely updated, helping S O NAH manage larger and more complex device fleets.
S O NAH’s true emphasis is on scalability, with the more sensors installed, the greater the area coverage and the more data that can be captured. The above benefits that balena brings to their system will ultimately help deliver more products to S O NAH’s customers and provide a better service quality moving forward.
We're really excited to see how S O NAH's product develops going forward and encourage you to check out their latest news and products on their site at If you're interested to learn how balena can help with the rollout of your own fleet, get in touch at [email protected]!
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