14 March 2017 / Last updated: 14 Mar 2017

Spring IoT Hackathon Recap

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We hosted our first hackathon in a long while at Campus London last weekend, with the theme of "Multi-Device Internet of Things". It was a very fruitful, long day with more than 40 people hacking on projects across about a dozen teams.
Hackathon view
Since most of the participants weren't familiar with, after breakfast we kicked off with a couple of demos to show how the development flow works. Then people started pitching their project ideas, forming teams, and picking up the hardware from the stockpile we brought with us. It was amazing to see that by noon there were a handful of projects progressing nicely, using everything from LED matrices, speakers, and the mobile networking modules provided by SORACOM.
We also released a couple of new features and tools at the hackathon for early testing. We are very excited about those and will be introducing them all very soon! (If you have a keen eye, you might spot some of them in the dashboard :)).
Most of the afternoon went by in a blur, as often happens while hacking on hardware. We finished off the day with a demo session where all the teams introduced what they set out to build, how far they got, and what their experience was like. The projects were all unique and exciting, ranging from home automation to robotic rovers and quantum dice.
You can see more of the pictures and videos from the day in this album and on Twitter by searching for #resinhack17!
If you were at the hackathon and have posted your project's code or writeup online, send us a link and we'll be happy to spread the word about your awesome work! :D
We're already thinking about how to incorporate what we learned at the event into our next hackathon. If you are interested organizing one yourself, or collaborating on an event anywhere in the world, we would love to hear from you!

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