29 September 2015 / Last updated: 27 Jan 2017

Resin.io collaborates with Microsoft to add IoT management to Microsoft Azure

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Resin.io joins Microsoft Azure certified for Internet of Things
to accelerate IoT development worldwide
Seattle, Washington, [September 29, 2015] -- Resin.io, a modern DevOps management platform for connected devices, today announced that it is among a select group of companies chosen to join the Microsoft Azure for Internet of Things (IoT). By being a part of Azure Certified for IoT, customers will be able to combine Resin.io’s over-the-air update and management capabilities for Linux-based devices, with the set of pre-integrated services from the Azure IoT Suite, which are designed to connect, manage and capture machine-generated data from sensors and devices.
IoT products are notoriously hard to bring to market owing to the wide array of devices, software and cloud services whichmust work in concert to provide a complete solution for customers. Resin.io and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite are filling that void, allowing IoT developers and businesses to focus on the value proposition of their projects rather than the supporting infrastructure. Offloading this burden confersthe following benefits for customers:
  • Faster Time-to-Market – Enterprises in any industry can accelerate time to market of their IoT project by using Resin.io’s solutions with no customization required to be compatible with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.
  • Multilevel control of their IoT project both on the analytics and device level - By using Resin.io, businesses can easily deploy, update, and maintain code running on connected devices no matter where they are installed. At the same time, they can have direct access to Azure IoT Suite’s analytics platform, which also provides finished applications to speed deployment of common, cross-industry scenarios such as remote monitoring, asset management and predictive maintenance.
  • Faster and better Business Decisions – The combination of Resin.io and Azure IoT Suite can help businesses make better decisions concerning every aspect of their IoT project, either on the device or analytics level.
“IoT is a fast growing sector with many challenges and opportunities. The issue of code update and deployment for Linux devices has been a blind spot for IoT platforms until now,” said Alexandros Marinos, Founder & CEO of Resin.io. “With Resin.io, anyone who is connecting Linux devices such as kiosks, digital signage, vehicle infotainment, smart appliances, etc., can keep these devices updated at scale, regardless of location. Combining automation from Resin.io with intelligence from the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is a big win for our customers as they can now more easily derive value from the vast amount of real time data generated across large fleets of Linux-based connected devices.”
“Our ongoing collaboration with Resin.io has significant potential benefits for customers,”
said Barb Edson, General Manager for Data Platform and Internet of Things, Microsoft. “By combining software deployment automation from Resin.io with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, businesses running Linux-based devices can better connect, manage and analyze all of their ‘things’.”
Resin.io’s integration with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is available today for a growing list of hardware platforms and allows any language, library, and API that works on Linux to be used on embedded products. It also includes all of the functionality of Resin.io, including git push deployment, simple provisioning, log collection, device management, and transparent cross-compilation amongst other features.
For businesses interested in learning more, please email [email protected].
About Resin.io
Resin.io brings modern DevOps tools and practices to the Internet of Things. Resin.io’s over-the-air update and management platform makes it simple to deploy, update, and maintain code running on Linux-based connected devices regardless of their location. With Resin.io, businesses and developers can jumpstart their IoT projects and applications quickly, slashing development time, cost and management overhead. Resin.io has offices in Seattle, Washington, London, England and Athens, Greece. For more information go to https://resin.io
by Alexandros MarinosFounder/CEO, balena

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