15 June 2023 / Last updated: 15 Jun 2023

Raydiant: The Success Story of Digital Signage Using balena

Raydiant is the leading in-location Experience Operating System, which offers digital signage solutions for physical businesses. They rely on balena to manage and update their devices, ensuring security and performance. This case study delves deeper into Raydiant's experience with balena, exploring aspects such as security, hardware and software interaction, cost savings, customer support, and more.
Raydiant is a technology company offering a dynamic digital signage platform to transform how businesses engage with their customers in brick-and-mortar locations. Their cutting-edge product is designed to turn screens into interactive signages displaying various content, ranging from promotional information to immersive experiences.
For instance, a restaurant using Raydiant's platform could easily update its menu displays across multiple locations in real time, ensuring accuracy and brand consistency. At the same time, they could leverage the technology to entertain waiting customers with visually engaging content. On the other hand, a retail store could use it to highlight new arrivals or flash sales on in-store screens, improving customer experience and boosting sales. Raydiant's solution provides businesses with an innovative tool to customize their in-store ambiance and enhance overall customer communication.

Security Satisfaction

Arnaud, Director of Engineering at Raydiant, mentioned, "We are counting on balena to stay updated—we get peace of mind by relying on them for the latest security patches." He also stated, "One of the most valuable aspects of balena is keeping up with OS-level security updates and managing devices in the field." Raydiant appreciates balena's dedication to security, something every engineer at balena takes seriously and considers with every software release. This trust in balena's security measures gives Raydiant peace of mind and allows them to concentrate on their core business. As Arnaud puts it, "balena is really buying peace of mind, similar to the value prop that AWS offers. We see balena as critical infrastructure."

Cost Savings and Minimizing Distractions

Balena saves Raydiant money and minimizes distractions, allowing the engineering team to focus on creating specific applications and functionalities for customers rather than worrying about hardware and operating systems. Joe, CTO at Raydiant, emphasized the importance of balena in saving both money and minimizing distractions: "There's money, but it's sort of a distraction, right? If we have to devote some of our attention to managing our massive fleet, the cost of context-switching would be high. It’s tough to quantify." Joe also mentioned that "balena effectively allows us to have a much smaller hardware team." By leveraging balena's expertise in managing devices, Raydiant can allocate more resources to meeting their customers' needs.

Learning About Hardware and Software Interaction

Arnaud shared his experience with balena's user interface, stating, "It's great to be able to rely on the UI to be able to poke around and look at the different metrics from a device perspective and look at logs as well." The balena dashboard offers an accessible way for the team to understand how devices work and perform without delving too deep into technical details like drivers. As a result, the team can debug or identify issues more efficiently and move forward with their projects with a better understanding of the mechanics of their devices.

Customer Support, Onboarding, and Maintaining Focus

Arnaud discussed Raydiant's approach to customer onboarding: "New customers right now, if they use our standard feature set, there's no engineering involvement. We send out devices, the operational team takes care of implementing that, and we have a distributor who takes care of building the right OS image. We try to make that automated so that new customer onboarding doesn't require engineering effort."
Raydiant's customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes with the company managing the devices for them. Arnaud explained, "They don't want to have to manage the device for sure; just plug it in, and they use our SaaS service to input the menu design, and it goes up, and they don't have to worry."


Balena has been an invaluable partner for Raydiant, helping them streamline processes, maintain security, and focus on their core business. This collaboration has allowed Raydiant to offer exceptional digital signage solutions and support for their customers while staying on top of updates and advancements. With balena's assistance, Raydiant can continue to thrive in the digital signage industry.
by Ryan HamptonProduct builder at balena