14 October 2015 / Last updated: 20 Nov 2018

Amazing automated 3D printing with NVBOTS

NVBOTS is a truly progressive approach to a progressive industry. Founders, AJ, Chris, Forrest & Mateo built their first 3D printer while studying at MIT but found that once they got over the initial fascination stage and started using it for practical uses it became practically difficult to manage and use. Multiple users scheduling printing jobs as well as ensuring someone was physically in the lab to manage the printing process were serious hindrances. Understanding these restrictions they created NVBOTS with the intention of making 3D printing both easy and collaborative, this lead to a break-through printer which is fully automated and can be controlled remotely.
They implemented a first of its kind auto-part removal feature which allows multiple jobs to run without necessitating any human interaction. This coupled with their cloud software allows you to manage the printers remotely from any device without having to install any software. As a result, the whole user experience is vastly simplified.
The integration of automation and cloud software allows their printers to run around the clock which is extremely valuable in an educational environment but more broadly a shared environment.
NVBOTS is currently enabling America's next generation to use next generation technology in the classroom but it is also enabling professional teams from R&D to architecture to work at the rapid pace that 3D printing has promised. NVBOTS even use their own printers to manufacture parts for future printers!
Watch how the NVBOTS team use balena to bring the best 3D printing technology and experience to their customers.
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by Craig MulliganAwesome dude at balena

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