24 March 2020 / Last updated: 06 Apr 2020

IoT professionals: define your role

If you’re like most IoT professionals, you’re something of a jack-of-all-trades who’s part full-stack engineer, edge developer, hardware specialist, network guru, data analyst, and visionary all rolled into one. But what do you call yourself?
Just as “system administrator” doesn’t really tell the whole story anymore, modern alternatives like “DevOps Engineer” or “Cloud Architect” or “Security Specialist” don’t really apply, either. Your job requires you to be a bit of all these roles, and then some.
Among friends, you might call yourself a hacker or an IoT geek. But in a professional setting, within a fast-evolving industry, how do you define what you do to colleagues, bosses, and potential employers?

What would you say… you do here?

We’ve been discussing it internally with the team, and we’ve seen some interesting suggestions (‘IoT Outfrastructure Engineer’ has not made the shortlist!), but we’ve realized that we need the community to be involved in something like this.
Tough question
We believe that our fellow IoT professionals have the answer.

What IoT job title do you aspire to become?

That all said, we’d love your perspective and feedback. Send us job titles you believe most universally define your role and the work people like you do in the IoT space. Also submit titles that you or others aspire to become at some point in your careers.
Please use this form (no information required-- just type your ideal IoT job title and hit submit!):
Your idea might be one you coined or a new take on a well-known concept. We're looking forward to seeing what folks come up with. If a form isn't your style, feel free to sound off in the comments, on our Forums, or on Twitter!
by John Tonello(Former) Technical Marketing Lead

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