14 July 2015 / Last updated: 27 Jan 2017

Introducing meta-resin

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Today we are open-sourcing meta-resin, a Yocto layer used to build operating system images. This is very exciting for a small team like us as it allows the community to bestow the powers of to any linux-capable board they choose. If you're unfamiliar, Yocto Linux, is a meta-distribution. You feed it a configuration file called a BSP or "board support package" and it produces a distribution for that specific board, tailormade to your specification. Perfect for our needs - a uniform image across a variety of hardware.
The strict requirements to qualify the board for support is that it has a yocto BSP layer, it should also be compatible with the yocto fido release. We’ve prepared some instructions on how to use meta-resin to add board support for Of Course if you have any questions just log an issue or email us at [email protected].
Open sourcing meta-resin is the first step in a wider-strategy to open source our entire infrastructure. We’re really interested in the potential of this approach, accelerating growth of the technology and in doing so improving the experience and infrastructure for the connected world of embedded devices.
Can't wait to see which boards you empower with
Have questions, or just want to say hi? Find us on our community chat.
by Alexandros MarinosFounder/CEO, balena

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