09 November 2015 / Last updated: 20 Nov 2018

Intale uses resin.io to provide an end-to-end solution for the retail market

Intale develops integrated cloud solutions that connect and unify the retail market for small retail shops and convenience stores.
Their POS app doesn't just facilitate transactions but improves the efficiency of all operations, automatically managing stocks and providing unique insights most small businesses are not accustomed to. As a result, communication between small businesses and the rest of the supply chain is greatly enhanced.
At the heart of their product is a small Linux board that hosts the POS app and connects the scanner/printer peripherals.
Intale started using balena to manage and update this device and impressively, were able to ship in two months with the comfort of being able to make reactive updates.
By remotely managing their devices with balena, has also allowed them to expand their reach outside of Athens as they use their new funding to expand internationally.
Now we are able to commit to any country in the world
Edgar Wingfield, Intale CTO
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by Craig MulliganAwesome dude at balena

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