23 January 2017 / Last updated: 20 Nov 2018

Enerbrain Case Study

Enerbrain believes that buildings are central to sustainable development and is on a mission to make them smarter, healthier and more energy efficient. The company’s products are designed to remotely manage heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems in large buildings, which can significantly decrease energy consumption.
Enerbain has designed their own hardware, based on balenaOS and 3G connectivity architecture, to securely connect into a building’s HVAC system. These devices give its users more granular control of their building systems. By reporting back to the cloud, Enerbrain also gives users a precise picture of the building environment and enables them to optimize for comfort and energy efficiency.
Enerbrain Device
The Enerbrain co-founders actually met at a balena hackathon in London. After a few months, they decide to start the company and build Enerbrain’s technology stack. “While looking for solutions to smoothly manage software on our devices, balena naturally came to mind,” says Alexis Susset, CTO at Enerbrain. “We build an MVP using balena and everything worked well out of the box. It allowed for smoother software management and device operations, which definitely made it part of our architecture.”
Now balena is part of the Enerbrain team’s daily workflow. On the operations side, Enerbain uses balena to manage and troubleshoot their devices in real time. The team can see if a device has a potential issue, use the dashboard to update the device configuration to enable logging, and see the logs directly on the device page. With balena’s software and configuration management capabilities, Enerbrain is able to better serve their end users and quickly support any situation.
On the development side, Enerbrain uses balena to automate the process of pushing and testing software updates. “With our iterative development model, it’s imperative that we have access to quickly prototype features on our devices,” says Alexis. “Balena enables us to maintain our fast pace of innovation while achieving operational excellence.”
“Balena enables us to maintain our fast pace of innovation while achieving operational excellence.”
The Enerbrain team is looking forward to continue growing with balena. With the upcoming production release of balenaOS 2.0, Enerbrain is particularly excited about upgrading their device communication model, which will allow for deeper network integration towards their cloud computing capabilities.
The Enerbrain Team
Enerbrain is also an active member of the balena community - keep an eye out for Alexis in our Gitter channel :)
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by Alison DavisCOO at balena

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