27 June 2018 / Last updated: 20 Nov 2018

Bitreactive: decentralized sensor management with

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Bitreactive provides assisted living technology solutions for nursing homes and home care. They specialize in decentralized sensor management and edge analytics built around the Continua Design Guidelines, an implementation framework for personal connected devices. Bitreactive's solutions, such as the BALT personal hub, focus primarily on bed monitoring, both for institutions and remote homes.
Before using balena, Bitreactive had already developed containerized solutions for their backend services, so having the option to work in a similar fashion with remote devices was a natural fit. Dr. Tim Jagenberg, CTO at Bitreactive, says that balena's recent support of multicontainer applications makes the platform an even better fit, noting that "the Continua Design Guidelines favor multiple actors working together to deliver personalized health solutions."
For Bitreactive, balena plays a key role in the continuous integration and delivery pipeline, allowing them to deliver regular updates to their customers' remote devices using a familiar, Git-driven workflow. The easy remote access provided by the web console also allows Bitreactive to manually interact with prototype devices being tested in the field.
Balena's container-driven application update strategy allows Bitreactive to develop fixes and new features with confidence. According to Dr. Jagenberg, "The clear separation between platform and application gives us peace of mind when delivering application improvements. This results in a faster development cycle and a more stable user experience."
And as the team at Bitreactive continues to build new solutions for remote sensor management, they plan to take full advantage of the newest features offered by balena. "The newly introduced multicontainer capability enables a clearer architecture for our application," says Dr. Jagenberg. "It also opens up the possibility of co-habitation of multiple applications on the same device."

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