16 May 2022 / Last updated: 16 May 2022

balena monthly roundup - May 2022

Here at balena, we have noticed fleets of Helium miners and LoRaWAN gateways growing enormously over the last year. Helium is a crowdsourced LoRaWAN network running on blockchain where people personally host Helium hotspots to provide network coverage. If you don’t have yours yet, check out our blog post where we show you how to deploy a fleet of Helium data-only hotspots on Raspberry Pi and Seeed LoRa concentrators.
Also in this months email:

The latest from balena

Join the world’s largest network of greenhouse gas sensors

Build your greenhouse gas detection sensor, join the fleet which won the balenaHub Challenge, and contribute to the dataset providing the most accurate information on greenhouse gasses globally.

Easily copy text in balenaCloud

All copyable text in balenaCloud is now highlighted in red and will be styled like code. If you hover over it you will see the copy text icon appear which will copy the highlighted text when you click it.

BalenaHub meetup #2 - LoRa Gateways

Join us at the 2nd balenaHub meetup on the 24th May 18:00 UTC. Each month we invite a different Fleet or Project owner to join us and talk about their development journey and answer your questions.

This month on balenaHub

Check out some of our newest Open Fleets, Projects and Blocks on balenaHub.

Community Highlights

Send data from a Raspberry Pi to Ubidots with balena

Ubidots help you rapidly assemble and launch IoT applications without needing to write code. Check out this YouTube video where they teach you to provision a device and send data to Ubidots with balena.

Enroll in the CHI@Edge testbed for computer science research

We’re excited to see a large-scale scientific research fleet be added to balenaHub. Enroll your edge / IoT device into the CHI@Edge testbed for computer science research all by joining this open fleet.

Connect a Modbus device with balena

In this tutorial by Zigurat Business School, we show you step by step how to connect a Modbus based Schneider Electric device to the balena platform so you can convert legacy to digital.

Work with us

We’re looking for a number of roles for our growing team.
  • Software Engineer
  • Generalist
  • Backend Engineer
  • CLI Engineer
Check them out, or if you think you could be a great fit for balena, design your own role and introduce yourself to us via open call. We’d love to get to know you better.
by Team balenaThe global group of product builders that brings you balena

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