16 February 2022 / Last updated: 16 Feb 2022

balena monthly roundup - February 2022

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In this months roundup:

The latest from balena

Create a fleet of bluetooth beacons

Bluetooth Low-energy (BLE)beacons can help you locate objects, communicate information, and add new layers of experience to ambient computing. In this tutorial, balenista Ayan teaches you how to set one (or more) up with balena.

Build your own heart rate monitor

Measure your heart rate to manage your stress and improve your mental well-being with balenista Ryan’s DIY guide to building your own monitoring device.

How an emerging senior care service builds on balenaCloud

This month, we feature Thyge Knuhtsen, founder of QVNTRA, a smart assisted living start-up that was developed, prototyped, and launched using balena.

The balenaHub Challenge results are in!

Congratulations to Keenan Johnson and his Fleet ‘The Ribbit Network’, our Hub Challenge winners, and to 2nd place ‘Wifi-to-Ethernet’ and 3rd place ‘Balena Weather’! Meet all the finalist in our blog

If you want to keep using the Raspberry Pi 4 B…

Raspberry Pi Foundation released hardware Rev 1.5 of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. This revision of the board requires a relatively recent version of balenaOS. We recommend using balenaOS v2.88.5+rev1 or later as balenaOS v2.75.0+rev1 and earlier versions won’t boot. Read more here.

This month on balenaHub

Check out some of our newest Open Fleets, Projects and Blocks on balenaHub.
  • Ide49 - MicroPython Programming Environment
  • Balena-rtl-power - Analyze radio waves in your area using an SDR and balena.
  • Sensor2Notion - Publish weather, air quality and local sensor data to Notion
  • Sunlamp - An ambient lamp that can be programmed to mimic the natural light

Community Highlights

Build a 30 minute DIY home security system

Check out Electromakers latest YouTube roundup which features the balena 30-minute DIY security camera project amongst many more cool makes this month.

Smart speakers without the price tag

Are you wishing for a Sonos smart speaker but don’t really want to pay the hefty price for one? This article in TomsGuide suggests grabbing a Raspberry Pi and trying balenaSound instead.

How to prototype your project idea

Last year we attended the Ioterra PDC Conference, catch up on the talk from balena Developer Advocate teaching you how to get your first device online and prototype your idea with balena.

Deploy balena to the Seeed Odyssey x86

We partnered with Seeed to enable container-based application deployment and fleet management for embedded devices on the Seeed Odyssey x86. Read more about it here.

Living in The Loop

At balena we are not just proud of our products but our company culture which is highlighted in this article in Corporate Rebels where we talk about using ‘The Loop’ to continuously innovate.

How to setup Kubernetes with balena

A balena community member has set up Kubernetes (K3s) on top of balena, even registering new nodes and only needs a single env-var for the master node Comment end! Read more about how to set it up on their blog

Work with us

We’re looking for a number of roles for our growing team.
  • Software Engineer
  • Generalist
Check them out, or if you think you could be a great fit for balena, design your own role and introduce yourself to us via open call. We’d love to get to know you better.
by Team balenaThe global group of product builders that brings you balena

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