26 April 2016 / Last updated: 27 Jan 2017

ARTIK Support

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Resin.io now supports the ARTIK 5 and 10! If you're one of the lucky few who already have their hands on one of these boards, then we know you must be eager to push some code. We've put a few resources together to appease your anticipation and get you on your way. So tell your husband/wife/mum/Tamagotchi that you're going for "a beer with your friends", grab your Artik dev kit and get hacking.

Getting started with the Samsung ARTIK

This guide will show you how to provision your device, connect it to the internet via wifi or ethernet as well as use resin.io to push a demo application.

Basic gpio with the Samsung ARTIK

This is a basic app to control an LED written in node.js and python.

Publishing to ARTIK-cloud

This project illustrates how to push readings from a proximity sensor to the Artik Cloud. There is also a random reading generator in case you don't have a proximity sensor handy.
Watch our live demo during the Samsung Developer Conference opening keynote:
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