23 February 2022 / Last updated: 23 Feb 2022

How Lorenz Technology provisions and manages AI drone fleets at scale with balena

Lorenz Technology simplifies security and surveillance using a fleet of AI drones which collect, analyze, and share data in real time. Read on to see how they remove the friction from AI drone fleet maintenance and management using balena.

Simplifying how they manage their AI drone fleets

Lorenz Technology push boundaries of the security industry with their global fleet of AI-driven drones which are replacing the manual tasks of surveillance and perimeter security.
Each drone in their fleet has an AI link and a Hive, two proprietary Lorenz Technology devices. The AI link is an onboard computer with a GPU which allows the unit to be reactive to the data it is receiving on the device and respond in real time. As the fleet grew and global distribution increased, the Lorenz team needed a platform like balena to be able to access and update every unit with the latest AI version and software at scale and remotely.
“Balena does exactly what we didn’t want to develop,” said Kristian Skaarup, CEO of Lorenz Technology. “An IoT infrastructure where we could deploy very fast, and that’s what supports our business today.”
“The first time I tried balena it was very easy and it’s improved a lot since then, and it was easy compared with anything else we have done to try and manage devices,” said Mathias Hojgaard Egeberg, Senior Robotics Engineer at Lorenz Technology.

Building, deploying, and managing the AI edge fleet in real time, from anywhere

Lorenz’s engineers were impressed by the integrated solution that balena offers. Including balenaOS and balenaCloud in their workflow gave the Lorenz team the ability to configure, build, deploy, and test as if they were testing locally as well as access all their devices locally.
“The most memorable experience of using balena was definitely when we go the first batch of devices from our manufacturer that included balena,” said Mathias, “Previously we would have to flash them ourselves and go through a lot of tedious steps, with this batch we just powered them on, clicked the button and they were updated to the latest version of our software stack.”
“My favorite feature about using balena is having a device that is in production mode and have the client request a new feature or change, do the change and then be able to test and deploy that on their device within a day or sometimes even within hours.”
Today, Lorenz Technology has a growing fleet deployed globally and managed remotely using the balenaCloud platform and works to branch out into more drone usecases beyond security and surveillance. Find out more about Lorenz Technology by visiting their website. Learn more about IoT fleet management and edge application development using balena and the balenaCloud platform by visiting us at balena.io.
by Lizzie EptonMarketing Manager at balena