19 June 2017 / Last updated: 20 Nov 2018

30MHz: real-time environment monitoring with balena.io

From pepper growers to port operators, 30MHz enables businesses to be more productive by monitoring their environments in real time. They provide a full suite of tools for industrial companies to gather metrics from across the physical world and turn them into action.
30MHz’s plug-and-play toolkit is simple to deploy and includes everything you need to quickly roll out a fleet of wireless sensors and analyze data in a centralized dashboard. Their customers include the Port of Amsterdam, which uses sensory data for predictive maintenance of its mooring points, and Syngenta, which uses data from agricultural fields to optimize fertilizer delivery and thus increase crop yields.
Jasper Guertsen, co-founder of 30MHz, first discovered balena via Twitter and realized it could help solve their deployment and management challenges. 30MHz now runs balena on all of their gateway devices (or “mothers”), so each of their customers has at least one device running on balena and managing their remote sensors. The 30MHz team also uses the balena dashboard to monitor their gateway device fleet on a daily basis and push updates as needed.
Balena provides “huge value for our business and customers,” says Flavia Paganelli, co-founder and Director of Engineering at 30MHz. “We can scale much better and handle multiple devices instead of treating them individually - we don’t have to update the devices one by one. Moreover, the API is quite powerful and helps us automate quite a bit of our work.”
Fokko Visser, an engineer at 30MHz and balena power user, says that the platform allows them to provide great remote support for their customers. “We can always access our ‘mothers’ remotely and push new updates or easily rollback software, something that would be almost impossible without the container mechanism that balena uses.” Plus, he knows that balena will easily scale as 30MHz’s device fleet grows, giving them the ability to continuously integrate their code fleet-wide. “There’s no service we’re aware of that’s comparable,” says Flavia.
“There's no service we're aware of that's comparable”
Flavia also notes that the balena team is super helpful whenever they have an issue. “We’ve always been impressed with their customer support. It’s really great having access to the people actually working on and building balena. They continue to be more transparent and accessible when it comes to their product roadmap.”
Or as Fokko puts it, "things would be impossible without them."
Take a look at the full video here:
P.S. the 30MHz team hosts a balena meetup in Amsterdam - check it out here!
by Alison DavisCOO at balena

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